By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

Playful tiger cubs splash around in a water hole, as they escape the baking heat of India’s dry season

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Having a ball! The two cubs frolic in the murky water

Two of the animals wrestled on the dirt, before taking the rough and tumble into the water alongside their mother.

On our best behaviour! The mother tiger joins the fray

Wildlife photographer Paolo Torchio, 54, captured the lively scene in Bandhavgarh National Park, in Madhya Pradesh.

Cooling off: The four tigers take a welcome respite in the hot summer sun

He said:"May and July are very dry months in India just before the monsoon. 

“All is dry, the bamboo is without leaves, soil is dusty and cracked.

Sneak attack! The young tigers splash about in the water hole

“The only few water holes left are attracting all the thirsty animals.

Making a big splash! Paolo patiently waited for the striped cats to emerge from the jungle

“If you are brave enough to take on the challenge of temperatures of 45 degrees and above, you can wait and dream to observe tigers coming to the water to bathe.”

Play-time: While the fight could look vicious the attacks were friendly

The Italian photographer, who has lived in Nairobi, Kenya, for 20 years, took the photos on May 7.

Dive-bomb: One tiger leaps into the air as it prepares to attack

He continued: “After so much waiting in harsh conditions, finally what you are waiting for is happening in front of you.

Breaking up the fight: The irritated mother gets in between the two cubs

"You must remain concentrated and cool down the emotion, think about the framing, the action, the light, to avoid spoiling the opportunity you worked so hard to create.

Not all cats hate water! The tigers enjoy the cooling water before retreating into the jungle

“The real emotion comes at the end, when all is finished and the tigers are gone back in the jungle.

Blending in: Paolo wears a scarf over his face to protect himself from the harsh sun

“Then you can breathe again.”