By Nathalie Bonney @nathaliebonney

WITH blonde hair, a wide smile and incredibly long legs Holly Burt should have no problem finding a date, however, the 21-year-old is struggling to find love due to her extreme height

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Kevin Bradford is America's tallest teenager at 7 ft 2 in, towering over his mum Martha, brother Michael and dad David

Standing 6 ft 5 tall, Holly’s legs are an astonishing 49 and ¾ inches.

Holly said: “I would definitely say I’ve got the longest legs in America.”

“When people see me they’re like ‘Oh my God!’ Their jaw kinda hits the floor!”

Holly’s legs measure an astonishing 4 ft 2 – the same height as an average eight-year-old. 

And despite of the leggy blonde’s looks, Holly is single and looking for Mr Right - one that is not intimidated by her height. 

She said: “A hard worker, handsome and tall. That’s all I’m asking for.”

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Growing up in Neptune Beach, Florida, Holly admits she found it difficult seeing all her friends go on dates.

She said: “It was pretty hard getting a boyfriend. Boys wouldn’t necessarily come up to the girl who is taller than them.

“It would be kind of tough watching all my friends go out on dates and I would usually just be a third wheel or something,”

Gentle Giant: Broc Brown and his mum Darci and aunt Stacy
Kevin Bradford with friends Spencer Reno and Joshua Kluthe

Deciding she needed a change, Holly recently moved to New York City.

Holly said: “In New York there’s so much more opportunity for me dating wise.

“I do find that there’s a lot taller men in New York compared to Florida just because there’s so much more people here.

“I really like the big city life.”

Taller than your average: 7 ft 2 in Kevin towers over his pals

As well as enjoying the New York dating scene, Holly is studying graphic design at the Parson’s New School for design. Making the most of her leggy assets, Holly has also looked into parts modelling and enjoys the freedom of NYC life.

She said: “I wasn’t really built for a pretty small town scene where everyone freaks out seeing someone different.

“Everybody is so diverse up here I’m not walking around and getting a million stares and pictures.”

From an early age, Holly has always been above average height – and the attention affected her confidence as a result.

“I was bullied throughout high school, middle school and elementary school. I just remember always being the tallest kid.”

Leggy blonde Holly Burt is proud of her 6 ft 5 in height
Kevin is a keen basketball player and hopes to join the NBA

Mum Jill said: “She would walk down the street and as many as people at a time would stop what they were doing and look at her as she passed.”

Dad Geoff said: “She was always the tallest kid in class, at age eight she was five feet tall and I think she hit six feet at 14.”

It was after reaching this milestone height that the parents decided to seek medical help for their daughter.

The endocrinologist, a doctor specialising in hormone study, told Holly and her parents, that the tall teen could grow up to 6 ft 8 tall.

Holly said: “I started crying and was really upset. I was like 'put the brakes on.' I started freaking out because I didn’t want to be six foot eight, I was already so tall.”

Holly claims to have the longest legs in America at a staggering 49 inches

In women, growth ends once puberty hits and the hormone oestrogen is introduced to the body. In order to stunt her growth above 6 ft 5 inches, Holly took oestrogen supplements to kickstart her period. 

Now at peace with her height, and enjoying the New York dating scene, Holly isn’t going to let it hold her back.

She said: "I’m happy with my height now. There are good things and bad things about being tall but at the end of the day there is nothing you can do about it so you might as well just own it!”

Holly is appearing in Tallest Teens on TLC Monday 18 July,  also featuring the world’s tallest teen 17-year-old Kevin Bradford, who is 7 foot 2 and the man he took the title from, 19-year-old Broc Brown