By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

AT JUST 14 months old, Oakley Lynch is fast becoming Instagram’s most stylish baby - despite having just one arm

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Adorable Oakley has 15,000 followers on Instagram thanks to his happy smile

The adorable toddler has symbrachydactyly, a condition where his right arm failed to grow below a quarter of his forearm.

First time parents Victoria and Greg Lynch, both 30, from Reading, were shocked when they were delivered the news and feared for their son’s future. 

The pictures started when he was just a few months old
And now Oakley is growing up on the social media app

But Oakley is a happy and confident boy who poses in fashion-forward outfits for his 15,000 followers.

His Instagram account – @myoakleydoakley – is so popular that he receives a package everyday filled with toys, shoes and hats.

He has more than 40 pairs of shoes, 20 hats, 50 bibs, more than 50 t-shirts, 20 jumpers and countless blankets, books and cuddly toys.

Oakley receives packages every day from stores around the world

Boutiques around the world send him clothes - and even modify their tops to fit his shorter arm.

Greg said: “The way he has adapted to life with one hand is just incredible, you wouldn’t know any different.

“I’m confident that with what I’ve seen so far he’s a very determined little boy and I don’t think there’s anything that will hold him back.”

And he models the stylish outfits on Instagram for his ardent followers

Victoria and Greg thought their pregnancy was ordinary until their 16 week scan.

A specialist delivered the upsetting news – that he hadn’t grown a right hand and only had a fifth of his forearm.

Victoria said: “My immediate reaction was definitely shock, there were some tears. 

“I went home, I opened a bag of crisps and I thought ‘how on earth is he going to do the simple things in life like opening a bag of crisps or tying his shoelace or putting buttons through button holes?’

Victoria prefers to dress him in black and skulls
And he has a number of outfits that he has grown out of

“But very quickly we realised there is a solution to everything.

Oakley was diagnosed with symbrachydactyly, a type of congenital limb difference.

But when Victoria held him for the first time she didn’t even notice his arm.

She said: “It was love at first sight.”

Victoria spends just a few minutes each day taking pictures of Oakley

Despite Oakley’s success on social media – he even counts American singer Ciara as one of his biggest fans – Greg was initially reluctant to post his pictures.

Greg said: “Before he was born I was quite against social media.

“But as soon as he was born I was so immensely proud.

“I wanted people to see him straight away and to see he’s no different from anyone else.

And the pictures have connected him with other children who have symbrachydactyly

“I think its brilliant that it’s spreading the word of limb deficiency or just generally children being different leading normal lives.”

Oakley’s Instagram account started when he was just a few months old and began with adorable pictures.

But as the account grew his cheeky smile caught the attention of boutiques in Australia, America and the UK.

Some of the clothes he is sent are worth £50 and Oakley even has an outfit similar to Prince George.

Happy family: Greg, Victoria and their sons Oakley and Huxley

Victoria said: “I just started off by putting a photo everyday of Oakley and what he was wearing.

“I usually spend about five minutes dressing him and I take a quick snap before we go out. 

“I really love dressing him in black, it’s my favourite colour to put him in and skulls – I’ve got a thing for skulls. 

Even American singer Ciara is a fan of the adorable toddler

“Maybe Oakley is the most stylish boy in the UK – I haven’t actually seen a boy baby in the UK with more followers than Oakley.”

And despite social media's reputation for trolling, mum Victoria says Oakley has never received any negative comments on his Instagram.

She said: “I’ve been really surprised by this.

Oakley sports a range of fashionable hats on his account

“It's just comments like ‘so adorable’, ‘cutie’, ‘this child is so delightful.”

But the account hasn’t just gained Oakley followers – it’s also connected him to hundreds of other children around the world who are just like him.

Victoria and Greg were shocked when they were first given the news about Oakley's arm

Victoria said: “I think a lot of people who also have children the same as Oakley really appreciate that we’re not always dwelling on the fact that he has one hand, it's just a normal account of a little boy who happens to have one hand.”

As far as Victoria and Greg are concerned Oakley is a very normal child and manages perfectly well without a hand.

Oakley's parents are adamant he can have a normal life

She said: “He finds ways of doing everything. He’ll hold a book with his feet so he’s got one hand free to turn the pages and that’s something we haven’t taught him.

“He worked it out himself.”

Greg said: “Oakley has an incredible personality. He’s really chilled out and happy and smiley.

He is able to adapt to life without a hand - such as holding a book with his feet

“He’s so outgoing that people notice what a lovely little boy he is first before they notice he hasn’t got a hand.”

And these days Oakley has a younger brother, Huxley - who doesn’t have symbrachydactyly - to pose in the adorable pictures. 

Lucky fin: Oakley is dressed as Nemo from the Disney film
Oakley and Huxley mirror each other's expressions in an adorable photo

Victoria and Greg hope one day Oakley will receive a prosthetic arm that will make him the envy of his classmates.

And having just one hand has opened doors to opportunities they could never dream of. 

Victoria said: “I think Oakley will live a very normal life if not an extraordinary life.

“I hope he’s never bitter about the fact that he’s different. I can’t see that his limb difference is going to hold him back at all.”