By Martha Hewett @Martha_Hewett

DURING their nine years together, Jamie and Shaaba have faced many challenges, including Jamie’s transition and disapproval from those closest, but now they face one more – a wedding amidst a global pandemic

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Shot by: Jamie Raines and Shaaba Lotun

Producer: Martha Hewett, James Thorn

Editor: Sonia Estal

Jamie, 26, and Shaaba, 25, became friends at college and started dating soon after Jamie began transitioning. A decade later, Jamie has finished his transition and the couple are set to wed in September. Jamie told Truly: “We feel like we’re on what feels like the final countdown to the wedding, but we are not sure if it’s going ahead due to Covid-19.” The road to marriage hasn’t always been simple for Jamie and Shaaba – who is from a traditional Muslim background. “Jamie’s white, trans and non-religious, which is difficult for my family to accept.” Although Shaaba’s immediate family now support the relationship and the wedding, there are still some who find it difficult and haven’t been invited. “We only want people there who will celebrate with us.” Shaaba said. The couple have planned a three-day ‘fusion’ wedding that will celebrate both heritages. Regardless of Covid-19, the couple can’t wait to say their ‘I Do’s’ and thankfully for Jamie, he will be able to marry in the right gender after receiving his Gender Recognition Certificate, which he describes as a “huge moment”. The couple are continuing to plan and look forward to the big day. “The number one moment I’m looking forward to is that first time I see [Shaaba] walking down the aisle.” Jamie said.