By Danny Baggott @dan_baggie

A SOCIAL MEDIA star is proving that life has no limitations – despite being born with no arms and only one leg

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Videographer / director: Edward Sanchez

Producer: Danny Baggott, Kim Nguyen

Editor: Pete Ansell

To this day, doctors have been unable to identify why Tredante Bias is missing three of his limbs. 

But the lack of diagnosis and his obvious physical deformities have never deterred Tre’s spirit, and he's built a huge following on social media with his motivational speeches and positive outlook on life.

Tre has learned to adapt as the years have ticked by and has even become a successful drummer in a band with his friends, winning a scholarship for $500,000 after graduating high school.

Tre, who resides in Texas, told Truly: “I don’t let my ‘condition’ deter me from doing what I want to do. I just figure out a way to do it.

“I forget I have limitations.

“The whole thing of me just adapting to life is me going with the flow. There’s not too much that I can’t do.

“Everybody has good in their life, and everybody has negative. You don’t have to focus on the negative, it’s a choice.”

Tre had to deal with some name-calling and teasing in school, but was always able to handle it in the right way. 

He said: “It wouldn’t phase me with the name-calling and stuff like that. 

“The question people mostly ask me now is, ‘What happened?’.

“My parents never treated me any different to my siblings growing up.

“My brothers stayed active. And I didn’t want to get left behind.”

With the help of his sporting brothers and parents, Tre continued to adapt and learn new things as he worked his way through school.

“My day is pretty much the norm now – I just do everything slightly different,” he said.

“I like a challenge every now and then. Actually, I look forward to seeing what I’m going to struggle with throughout the day.

“As far as doctors know, there is no specific reason why this happened. There is no disease, no side-effect from any medicine, no birth defect – I just came out like this.

“This is what I got. I’m not searching for the missing answers. I’m good.”

Tre started drumming as a young boy after watching his brother perform in the local choir.

His love and passion was soon aligned with his talent and Tre has worked his way to being one of the finest drummers in the State.

He said: “The drumming started a long time ago. I was just watching my brother play and I fell in love with them.

“Once I figured out that I could hold the sticks, the rest was on me.

“When I got in the band, the band kind of changed my whole outlook on not even just life, but myself.”

Tre now spends most of his time practicing with the band and posting videos to social media – he has 198,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Tre’s nickname is ‘Tre Nubb’ – with Nubb standing for ‘never underestimate before belief’.

And Tre admits that his greatest happiness comes when he can make people smile.

He said: “The hardest part about my situation – easy. It’s just being judged. I love me. I wouldn’t change anything, but if I could get rid of one thing, it would be that.

“I’m not able to get a regular job like everyone else because people see me and say, ‘Well you can’t do this’ and, ‘You can’t do that’ and I’m like, ‘You don’t even know me’.

“Don’t doubt yourself before you believe in yourself. You’ll never catch me thinking about the negative before the positive.

“My definition of happiness is, if I can bring joy to other people honestly. If I can make somebody else smile or laugh, just bring somebody’s day to that next level – that’s happiness to me.”