By Haziq Qadri @haziq_qadri

AN INDIAN teenager is dreaming of Premiership stardom after vowing the internet with his amazing trick shots

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Videographer / director: Shams Qari
Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

Huzaif Shah, from Indian Administered Kashmir, is a trick shot artist who developed his skills watching football videos online.

The 19-year-old told Barcroft TV: “I started making trick shot videos in December 2016. My aim was to stay connected with the football.

“I mostly learnt trick shots from the internet and my first trick video was a Rabona trick shot.”

Huzaif is known for performing incredible acts like flicking the ball into a dustbin and knocking a bottle off someone’s head while reading a book.

Huzaif started to showcase his talent by uploading the videos across social media platforms.

He said: “I am mostly active on Instagram. In fact I started my journey with Instagram.

"Initially, I would hardly get 100 views on my videos but a recent video of mine got over two thousand views. That’s incredible for me.

Huzaif has been working hard to make his tricks successful. He practices for hours and it took seven days for Huzaif to make one perfect shot.

He said: “There are certain shots, like a recent video which took me seven days of practicing two to three hours everyday. So, I practiced for 16 hours for that video.”
“You need to be patient. If you lack patience then you won’t be able to do it.”

Huzaif practices new tricks everyday in the back garden of his house.

He said: “I practice, like two to three hours everyday. Sometimes when I am not able to practice then the next day I continue that trick shot next day as well.”

“I keep on continuing that trick shot till I complete it.”

“I try my best to make my trick shots look cool and full of attitude. I want to create trick shots so that when people see them they will think I’m doing something unique.

“My aim is to revolutionize trick shots and make them completely unique."

Huzaif’s family is extremely supportive and want him to continue his passion.

He said: “My family is extremely happy. They want me to go ahead with it. But at the same time they want me to balance between my studies and football.”

Huzaif’s dad, Aijaz Shah is a big fan of his son’s extravagant skills.

Aijaz said: “I am extremely happy. He has maintained the equilibrium between the studies and sports. Both of them are equally important: physical growth as well as mental growth.”

“Whatever moral or financial support he needs from my side, it will be there.”

Huzaif is a big football fan and supports the current Premiership champions Chelsea, and he dreams of meeting his favorite player, Eden Hazard.

He said: “My favorite team is Chelsea. My dream is to kiss the turf of Stamford Bridge and I am working for it.”
“I am doing all this to go to Chelsea. That’s my main aim.

“I love playing football more than my life."