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THESE exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures show the training base that will be used by England during next year's European Championships

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A shot of the stands at U.S. Chantilly, where the England national team will train during Euro 2016

The Football Association (FA) have decided to base the England national team in the French town of Chantilly, 30 miles from Paris. 

England's squad will stay at the luxury £500-a-night Auberge du Jeu de Paume and train at the Stade des Bourgognes - which is set to be given a major makeover ahead of Rooney and co's arrival.

The Football Association have confirmed that a new playing surface will be laid prior to Rooney and co's arrival

At present the stadium is home to local amateur team L'Union Sportive De Chantilly, who play in the division d'honneur - six leagues below the likes of Paris Saint-Germain's Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Angel Di Maria in Ligue 1. 

The stadium is part of a sports park which the club share with local rugby, athletics and American football teams.

One of the club's old training pitches is now a muddy quagmire

The principal football field, which will be used by England's stars, is set be relayed this winter - meaning U.S. Chantilly's senior team will have to up sticks for the rest of this season, most likely to nearby Orry-la-Ville, although negotiations are ongoing. 

An FA spokesman said: “We can confirm that Roy Hodgson and his coaching staff have chosen the training facility of U.S. Chantilly for the England team to use at next year’s European Championships.

During the tournament England's squad will stay at the luxury £500-a-night Auberge du Jeu de Paume

"The location, pitch and hotel  fulfil the criteria we were looking for and some improvements will be made to the playing surface accordingly.”

While England's multimillionaire Premier League stars may be used to playing on immaculate bowling green pitches inside state-of-the-art stadia, current conditions at the training base are a bit more spartan.

A sign outside the training ground welcomes visitors to the club

At present the U.S. Chantilly team includes a landscape gardener, a college assistant and a waiter - many of whom early only marginally over £1,000 a month - less than Manchester United star Wayne Rooney earns in an hour. 

The player are forced to change in the club's tiny trophy room - where a microwave stands in as a trophy cabinet - with only a hedge outside to protect their modesty.

The modesty facilities mean the players are forced to change in view of the pitch

The lack of pitch covering or undersoil heating means that the pitch is usually a mud bath between the months of November and April. 

And while Premier League fans may have grown used to posh pies and, according to Roy Keane, prawn sandwiches, at U.S. Chantilly crisps, beer and rose wine appear to be the order of the day. 

U.S. Chantilly club president Dominique Louis-Dit-Trieau shows off the club's trophy haul

But although the facilities may be basic, there is a buzz around the club as players and staff anticipate next year's celebrity guests. 

Club président Dominique Louis-Dit-Trieau said: "It's an honour to welcome the England team, we are proud and happy. England is "the home" of football."

U.S. Chantilly manager Diakité Tamadjan says he is a big fan of England boss Roy Hodgson

The town of Chantilly has a strong English connection, with a large Brit community springing up around the town's porcelain industry and later the horse-racing world.

Fans queue for rose wine and beer at the club's small dining shack

In 1945 during WWII, U.S. Chantilly even hosted a game between a French XI and the British RAF.

U.S. Chantilly striker Dansoko Mamadou, who has been with the club for two seasons
U.S. Chantilly striker M'Baye Lamine says he is a fan of England players Wayne Rooney, Daniel Sturridge and Theo Walcott

Louis-Dit-Trieau said: "Seeing the british team here, is a kind of homecoming. In 1902 when the club was founded, 1,200 of Chantilly's population of 5,000 was English."

An old newspaper shot of U.S. Chantilly during the 1924-25 season

Club captain Julien De Vipart, 34, said: "I would love the chance to play alongside the likes of Rooney.

The facilities at the club are set to be given a radical overhaul prior to Euro 2016

"I will not support England during the Championships, but I will pay attention to their games for sure."