By Joe Roberts @JRoberts

A VAMPIRE power couple have sunk their fangs into a new event-planning business that specialises in ‘outside the box’ celebrations

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Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper
Producer: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote
Editor: Beth Angus


Logan and Daley South, who previously received media attention for their polyamorous vampire lifestyle, have carved out a niche with their unique Austin, Texas-based business.

They’ve already thrown a ‘nerd-themed’ wedding with a ‘Star Wars’ cake, a Miami blowout featuring a giant dancing robot, and a goth wedding in a Las Vegas Penthouse.

Daley, 32, told Barcroft Studios: “No request is too weird for us. Anything that’s different from the norm is our specialty. Anybody who wants a little extra ‘oomph’, we’re the people to talk to.

“We tend to work a lot with the alternative scene and the goth community and we do everything from bachelor/bachelorette parties and bridal showers to the couples walking down the aisle.

“A wedding is the most important day of our couple’s lives. So when the stakes are so high, it’s really important you don’t crumble under pressure.”

Daley, who is also a model and practicing witch, studied event-planning at college, graduating in 2012 and starting her relationship with Logan that same year.

Logan himself was already throwing goth and vampire-themed events in Austin so his and Daley’s combined skills made the perfect foundation for their now-thriving events business.

Daley said: “We kind of teamed up with our efforts and started doing club events and things like that. And pretty soon people were coming to us saying ‘oh, what kind of events do you do? Can you do weddings?’

“I was like ‘well, I haven’t really combined the two worlds yet, but yeah, I’d be totally down to do that’.”

The business itself is split between ‘Dead South’ which specialises in the goth and vampire elements, and ‘South Weddings and Events’ which focuses on more traditional event-planning.

32-year-old Logan said: “Daley and I are definitely the perfect pair. She is the meticulous, nearly-neurotic one who makes sure every single detail is taken care of, and will leave no stone unturned.

“I’m the calm logical one who maybe at times can be a little too relaxed. But the energies between the two of us come together and we’re unstoppable. No one has seen weddings or events quite like the way we do them.”

Logan, who also runs a Vampire fang-making company and has a girlfriend named Mari, is particularly passionate about the more adult-themed events he has the pleasure of planning.

“I specialise in the bachelor party,” he said. “You give me the ability to throw a debaucherous event, you’re going to get your money’s worth every time."

The couple’s differing approaches to planning have caused moments of friction but they maintain that they make the perfect team.

Daley said: “There’s always going to be tense moments when you do what we do, but at the end of the day there’s no bad blood.”

Throwing lavish celebrations as a couple is a natural evolution for Logan and Daley, who both had their own ‘vampiric awakening’ at the age of 15.

“Having an awakening was like a switch flipped on,” said Logan. 

“Suddenly there was this change in my perception of the world. I wasn’t looking at the world through mundane eyes.

“Suddenly there was this almost predatory instinct for the world around me. The way I was looking at people, I was sizing them up. It was like I was hunting and hiding at the same time.

“Then I started to feel an increase in certain physical abilities, particularly my senses. They were completely heightened to a ridiculous degree, and still are, which is great. I love that.”

Logan, who now drinks blood from willing donors once a month, had a different experience to that of his wife, who says her awakening came with a sense of emptiness.

“I started realizing that I needed an outside source of human energy to stay healthy,” she explained. “It was when I started feeling that emptiness and that thirst that I really started understanding.”

In fact, Daley recalls sitting in class during high school and feeling an overwhelming sense of thirst that she couldn’t quench no matter how much water she drank.

“I just needed water and I was drinking it and nothing was happening,” she said. “So one of my friends was like ‘let’s just try this [drinking blood] and see if it helps.’

“We went and found one of my friends, one of my donors, and that was the first time I tried blood right there in my high school hallway. The thirst was immediately gone.”

Logan added: “I don’t recommend that method, for the record.”

Following their separate awakenings, the two met in 2010 and started their polyamorous relationship in 2012, quickly becoming somewhat of a vampire power couple in Austin.

The pair, whose own lavish 2016 wedding was featured in the New York Times, increased their popularity when they became King and Queen of the Vampire Court of Austin – a democratic ‘vampire town hall’ where local vampires take votes on issues and make changes within the community.

Although they quit as King and Queen earlier this year, Logan and Daley remain heavily involved in the community and recently threw a wedding for their friend, fellow vamp, and court member Roxanne and her partner Ian.

The last-minute ceremony, officiated by Logan himself, was held at Austin’s historic Neil Cochran House Museum where VIP members of the Vampire Court gathered to watch Ian and Roxanne tie the knot.

Roxanne, who is a vampire herself, said: “I don’t think we could have asked for a more beautiful ceremony than the one that we got. It was our friends, we were officiated by someone who is like a brother to us, and the vows were perfect.”

Ian added: “It’s very liberating and appropriate that we did it around vampires and vampire allies because we can shut the coffin and bury the version of me that was here before. That guy is gone. This guy is here now.”

The ceremony was followed by a séance, where attendees including Daley, Logan, and Logan’s girlfriend, spoke directly to the spirits with the help of a local medium.

As Daley explained: ”When you come to a vampire wedding, you never know what to expect. You kind of have to be ready for anything.

“I think the ceremony went absolutely amazing. I was extremely surprised by how smooth and how absolutely beautiful everything went.”

Logan added: “I think the wedding was absolutely spectacular and the best that it possibly could be. And you know, all things considered, I guess we pulled it off because we’re just suckers for love."