By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

Shrunken heads, celebrity poo and chocolate prime ministers are just a few of the Victor Wynd Museum’s favourite things

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Videographer / Director: Adam Gray
Producer: Shannon Lane, Michael Muncer
Editor: James Thorne

The museum first opened in 2009

From the outside of this small London museum, It’s hard to tell what exactly is on display - and if you thought the taxidermy and skeletons on the ground floor were unusual just wait until you go down the spiral staircase – where things get a lot weirder.

One of the museum's most popular items is Amy Winehouse's poo, according to Victor Wynd

The basement, and soul of the museum, is painted a blood red and filled to the brim with curiosities, from fossils and minerals to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

Artist and collector Viktor Wynd set up his museum in September 2009.

A lioness in a hat sits on the ground floor of the museum

He said: “I think I’ve probably always wanted to have my own museum. A proper old-fashioned museum. The sort of museums that existed before the enlightenment where it was just everything that was amazing and wonderful and beautiful and strange.

A private room in the museum can be hired for special events

“I think I’m probably rather bored and depressed so anything that makes my eyes sparkle and wakes me up and distracts me from the inanity of life, gives me joy.”

Originally intended to run for just six months, due to its popularity, eight years later the Victor Wynd Museum of Curiosities still welcomes 300-500 people every week.

The items come from across the globe

Victor said: "In the beginning it was meant to be a bogus curiosity shop, an attack on shops from one who hates shops and shopping, stuffed with incredibly useless and revolting things staffed by actors who would perform a script on unsuspecting customers.

Viktor has an array of shrunken heads

"But as the project took longer to build it grew and attracted a growing band of supporters so that when it opened it was in fact a bona fide Wunderkabinett.”

He added: "Everything in this museum is collected by me. I have been everywhere in the world. I have been to New Guinea, the Congo, I have been to Latin America, I have been to Bognor Regis.

"I can't leave the house without finding something wherever I am.”

The museum is a giant 'cabinet of curiosities'

The museum also holds many items claimed to be from celebrities, including condoms collected from a hotel room that the Rolling Stones once stayed in. One of the museum’s most popular curiosities is its array of celebrity poo, including one Viktor claims is from Amy Winehouse and which visitors can smell for a small donation.

Viktor is an artist as well as a collector

Victor said: “The museum is designed to be a home for people who aren’t necessarily at home in a Wetherspoon’s or WHSmith or something.

“There are customers who come down take one look and leave - quite often in a hurry - but we do get the customers who come here and realise this place has been built for them and this is their home and they feel happy here.”