By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A CURIOUS warthog saved her bacon - evading a basking crocodile’s jaws by inches

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The inquisitive hog stands face-to-face with the predator

The mother hog had the close shave after walking to a dam to drink with her young.

Her near-death experience was captured by South African amateur photographer Coen Van Den Berg.

The 47-year-old Technical Facilitator, said: “Three warthogs came down to drink. A sow and two piglets.

Every hog has its day: The mother makes a lucky escape

“While her two piglets went down to the water’s edge, the sow noticed the croc and walked over to inspect the reptile basking in the sun.

“She walked up to the crocodile face-first and her shadow startled the crocodile. 

Eat my dust: The warthog makes a break for it

“My heart was pounding in my throat when I saw the warthog going closer and closer to the crocodile.

“He reacted with one big groan, jumped up, and snapped at her. 

The mother allows her young to sniff the crocodile's tail

“Luckily she was too fast and the crocodile missed her by inches.”

The warthogs were drinking from Sable Dam in Kruger National Park, when Coen captured the photos on June 7.

He continued: “After this big ordeal she took her piglets around the crocodile and let them sniff the crocodile's tail.

“This is a brave sow I must tell you.”