By Rafaela Kuznec @RafaelaKuznec

A MOTHER of two refuses to hide her excess skin after losing over 59lbs

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Lidia Inestroza, 27, from Texas, has gone from 201lbs to just under 142lbs after radically changing her lifestyle.

Her weight gain followed after giving birth to her son.

Lidia told Barcroft TV: “I was never really overweight growing up until I got married and I had my first kid that's when my weight started going up.

“I was a couch potato. 

“All I did was eat, watch TV, take care of my kids that was pretty much my daily routine; eat, watch TV, do chores.

“If I didn't cook I would go out and buy fast food.”

At her heaviest, Lidia weighed 201lbs and her diet consisted of fast food and soda.

“I was depressed, I was sad all the time,” she said.

“It got to the point where I was so embarrassed of my body and how much weight I had gained that I didn't want my husband to see me.”

“I never wanted to go out because I always had trouble finding what to wear because this didn't look good or that didn't look good.

“I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and I avoided mirrors for so long.

“I felt like I could never lose the weight and that made me more depressed.

“I would always say to myself: ‘Oh, I'm not worth it. I look like trash. I don’t like the way I look.’

“I had no self-love.”

But after noticing her weight gain was affecting her relationship with her husband, Lidia decided enough was enough and she started weight training.

She has also switched to healthy high protein meals with lots of fruit and veggies and lost over 59lbs.

Speaking of her decision to finally drop the weight, Lidia said: “My life back then always consisted of two words and that was: ‘I wish’.

“I wish I was fit, I wish I was healthy, I wish I could look like that girl, I wish I could wear those jeans.

“So, until one day I said: ‘You know what Lidia, stop wishing for it and you start doing something about it!

“I started by counting my calories, I did portion control, I eliminated all the foods that were bad.

“Every Sunday I meal prepped for the whole week and I exercised daily.

“I lost 40 pounds the first year and then I got comfortable and I took a two year break.

“And then I started my weight loss journey again and I lost 20 more pounds.”

Describing her healthy routine now, she said: “I eat really healthy, I track my food but I don't restrict the foods I love.

“I weight train every single day.

“I exercise about five to six days a week, and an hour and a half each session.

“I don't consider it a chore because I've made it part of my lifestyle.”

Since she lost her weight, the mum of two has recovered from depression and her confidence has improved significantly - but on a downside, Lidia was left with a large amount of excess skin on her stomach. 

The 27-year-old decided to embrace her loose skin and says that it won’t stop her from reaching her goals.

Lidia said: “I have decided to embrace my loose skin, so I can send a message to other girls that it's okay that nobody's perfect.

“Don't let that be an excuse to not change your lifestyle”

“When you are overweight and have an excessive amount of fat there is a possibility that you will end up with loose skin but please don’t let that be the reason to stop you from reaching your goals. 

“Your loose skin will be part of your journey and will tell a story.”

Lidia said that now she feels more confident than ever before: “I'm healthier, I'm no longer depressed.

“I'm proud of myself.”

Lidia has set up an Instagram account where she has recorded her weight loss journey.

The young woman has inspired others to live a healthier lifestyle, including her friend Jessica Duran, who said that Lidia’s transformation has encouraged her to start working out.

Lidia said: “Don't restrict the foods you love to eat, always keep them in your diet.

“You can still enjoy the foods you love and still make progress.

“That way later in your journey, you won't have a binge eating problem because you're not restricting completely all the foods that you love.”

She concluded: “Just go for it, to stop wishing and do something about it.”