By Shannon Lane @shannonroselane

A MAN who was once called ‘potato’ by his friends due to his round shape, is now out competing in bodybuilding shows

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Videographer / director: Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing

Producer: Shannon Lane

Editor: Garry Sykes

Dominic, 25, from Glossop, Manchester started his teenage life playing rugby. In 2013 Dominic went to Leeds University to study, but found himself constantly partying. A life of partying and takeaways led to Dominic becoming 240lbs at his heaviest. His size didn’t go unnoticed when friends got him a personalised vest saying ‘potato’ for his birthday. Change came around when Dominic went to Hong Kong for his third year of university and he began spending more time in the gym. Overall, Dominic lost 70lbs, and his love for working out snowballed. He began amateur bodybuilding and saw his confidence grow. He told Truly: “My daily work out for most of the year, is just about an hour to an hour and a half of weights every day. A lot of people say, bodybuilding is a vain sport. But these people don't realise, you get a lot of positives from bodybuilding. It teaches you how to hold yourself accountable, to work for yourself, to be your own source of motivation, to work hard.” Dominic has competed in four bodybuilding shows, becoming a finalist in three of them. He’s now hoping to make the step up and go professional.