By Nathalie Bonney @nathaliebonney

WITH a booty that measures an astonishing 60 inches, Eudoxie Yao is used to turning heads

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Videographer / Director: Samuel Ouedraogo
Producer: Nathalie Bonney
Editor: Sonia Estal

But rather than cover up her ample behind, Eudoxie, from Abidjan, the Ivory Coast, happily flaunts it. And although her extreme curves might look like the result of several trips to the plastic surgeons, Eudoxie says her “ ultra sexy” look is all natural – something her idol Kim Kardashian, can’t claim. 

The model, who doesn’t want to disclose her age, has got no desire to go on a diet and slim down her magnificent measurements. And known as 'Queen Eudoxie' on social media, this is one queen we can get behind of.

Eudoxie told Barcroft TV: “I've never had cosmetic surgery. Never, never, never in my life.

“I’ve always been like this. My elders have bigger bums than me.  It’s always been natural.

“When I leave my house, people are often surprised and shocked at seeing me.

“I stop traffic. People are shocked. But they never say anything to my face.

“I’d like to describe my look as ultra sexy."
Squeezing into skintight jeans, Lycra dresses and tiny shorts, don’t even think about asking Eudoxie what size she is, the African beauty has no idea – and no intention of finding out. Buying clothes in super-small sizes, Eudoxie customises – in other words cut garments she deems too conservative.

She said: “I wear a lot of stretchy clothes. I don’t know what my clothes size is.

"When I buy clothes, I don't like clothes that are too big. I like smaller clothes! I like tight fitting clothes, if they’re not, I’ll snip them." 

Wearing too-small-for-her outfits hasn’t always worked out for Eudoxie, who said: “Sometimes, I can’t fit into them,” even admitting that her ample curves have ripped clothes. 

Eudoxie added: “People with a figure like mine don’t tend to wear tight fitting clothes. They prefer to wear clothes that hide their shape. I don't do that. I like to show off my shape, and that can shock people. People like me would normally cover up entirely. I do the opposite. That’s why I’ve now become famous.”

‘Queen’ Eudoxie has amassed close to half a million followers on Instagram. The social media star regularly posts pictures of herself in underwear and bikinis to her subjects; she also makes appearances at events in the Ivory Coast and now struggles to leave her home without passersby stopping her in the street to take selfies with her. 

She said: “Now I’m a conversation topic. I go to countries and fans treat me like an artist. I’ve become a celebrity. I appear on TV, I go to events. Sometimes I present shows as a hostess.”

Kim Kardashian is a hero of Eudoxie’s, and she’s hopeful of a similar break-the-internet moment.  

She said: “Someone who I’m a fan of is Kim Kardashian. I like her dress sense.

"I’ve been compared to her, and what she does. She’s definitely my role model.

“Before, it was all about looking thin. But now, men are more attracted to women with curves. I think it’s changed a lot."

Although always confident, Eudoxie confesses when she first posted photos of herself on social media, the cruel comments she received hit her hard.

“There have never been times when I haven’t felt attractive. When I began showing myself off on social media the negative comments used to really hurt me at the start,” she said. 

“Often I’d read them and cry over them. Not in front of people, but I cried. Now I just ignore the nasty comments. I think those who write nasty comments aren’t particularly happy.”

The social media star, who weighs 95kg, says she eats whatever she likes and now welcomes the attention.

“I’m not on any diet. I eat whatever I want!

“I have tried to slim down on my arms, but other than that, it’s all natural. People have mocked me for my physique. I've put on weight and I accept it."

“No one is going to tell me how to dress, how I should be. I love my curves! I can say now I love my shape!"

Finding a man who can handle her extreme curves, as well as the attention they receive, has not been so easy.

Eudoxie said: “There are lots of men that are intimidated by me. 

"There are others that dream about seeing me. And when they see me, they can’t hide their joy!

“I attract all types of men.

“My type of man is, well I don’t have a particular type. I’m more attracted to men who believe in God, who are genuine and kind. Their physique doesn’t bother me. Fat or thin, I’m not interested at all in their shape. I’m much more attracted to their behaviour. I attract a lot of men at the moment. Those types of men aren’t ones that are attracted to me.”

Not for men or social media followers, ultimately Eudoxie dresses for herself and she intends to keep doing so, celebrating her very big booty. 

“People don’t like how I dress. They want me to be completely covered.

"People judge me a lot on social media because of my appearance and style. 

"They say I dress too ‘sexy’. They say, with my figure, I dress in a vulgar way.

"And my shape should be completely covered. I tell them no. You can be like me and sexy. You can be big, as I am, and wear tight fitting clothes. And be at ease in your skin.“