By Hannahshewans @Hannahshewans

A WOMAN with Down syndrome has used her flair for writing and drawing to launch her own clothing line

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Videographer / director: JP Steele
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
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Grace Key may have been born with Down syndrome, but she was also born with creativity and sass that has enabled her to launch a cute clothing line and a modelling career.

The 20-year-old from Calhoun, Georgia, is spreading positive messages through her brightly coloured t-shirts, which state phrases like ‘Be The Light.’

Her mother, Carrie, told Barcroft TV: "Grace is very loving, funny. Stubborn! She doesn’t realise that she is funny but she is.

"Grace, first started doing makeup, a lot, because she loves makeup tutorials. She would watch them, obsessively. And the next thing I know is that she is videoing herself doing her makeup."

With the support of her family, Grace turned her love for cosmetics and fashion - and posing for pictures - into a successful brand called, Candidly Kind.

Carrie explained: “It first started with her just wanting to be fancy and dress up and wear heels, and do makeup. When we’re taking pictures she’s always posing. And now people are asking her to model.

"She loves to strike a pose and she has that attitude that you really need for it. She's got the sass, it just comes out naturally.”

Grace’s mum also noticed something special in her daughter’s art and decided to get creative and share Grace’s designs with the world.

Carrie said: “I always knew that Grace was talented in writing, and her little phrases and the things she’d say, like ‘go with the flow’ or ‘hey love bug.’

“Be fancy be famous, it's all things that Grace says all the time.

"So I thought okay, what can Grace do to incorporate these things that she is so good at and used them as a career?"

Carrie printed some of Grace’s designs, which are cute pictures with phrases such as ‘I made lemonade’, and approached clothing stores to sell them.

She said: "Candidly Kind is Grace’s business. It is a way for her to spread her light through her art and little phrases she says all the time. She is always making new phrases up.

"I guess most people can figure out the significance of that you know lemons get thrown and you make lemonade and that’s what Grace always does.

"Over the last couple of years she went through a time of a little bit of a struggle with people not completely accepting her. She’s going to always pull the positive from the negative.”

Money from the sale of Grace’s cute t-shirts is donated to charities helping others with disabilities.

Carrie said: "The reaction to Grace’s business has just been very humbling.

"There’s so many things about people with Down Syndrome that is a misconception. They’re just like you, they’re just like me. They want relationships, and love, they want everything just like anyone else wants."

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