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Doctor Malik checks Khalida after the surgery at the Mirza Mohd.

Doctors in Kashmir claim to have removed the world's biggest cyst - weighing a massive 48.5 lbs

The giant cyst, which weighed more than a five-year-old child, was removed from an 18-year-old patient Khalida Akhtar.

Doctors removed the growth from the teenager’s ovary after Khalida arrived at the hospital complaining of discomfort and a severe abdominal pain.

Doctors holding the 22 kg ovarian cyst removed from Khalida
Mumtaz Ahmad Khan sits with his daughter after the surgery

Dr Malik Azad, who led the team of surgeons which carried out the procedure, said: “The cyst must have been there from at least 5-6 months.”

“It was massive and spread from pelvis to upper abdomen due to which her lungs were congested and she couldn't breathe properly.”

Doctor Malik checks his patient who is surrounded by her concerned family

He also revealed that during the two-hour surgery he feared Khalida might not survive.

And in an incredible show of generosity, the operation in the Indian occupied part of the region was performed free of charge.

Doctor Malik Azad, who led the team of doctors to remove a 22 kg ovarian cyst, poses for the camera
Round the clock care: A nurse checks Khalida after the surgery

Dr Malik Azad said: “The cost of this surgery in a specialised hospital would have been at least £700 but we preferred doing it without any charges.

"The financial condition of the family is not good and they are barely able to pay for medicine."

Khalida's father, Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, said: "I borrowed most of the money from relatives and friends otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford her treatment.

“Since last one month I have spent about £1164 on tests and medicine but the surgery was done for free.

"I am thankful to the doctors for all their help."