By Aamir Bashir @Aamir_Here

THIS mini moo-er is officially the world's shortest cow - but given her size, she could easily be mistaken for a pet labrador

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Producer: Nick Johnson / Aamir Bashir
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Mini me: Manikyam smashed the previous record of 69.07cm

Measuring only 61.5 centimetres from the hoof to the withers, six-year-old Manikyam lives in Atholi in the south Indian state of Kerala with her owner, farmer and environmentalist NV Balakrishnan.

Balakrishnan obtained the cow as a new-born calf, and despite feeding her and raising her exactly like the other cows on his farm, her growth stalled at just over two feet.

The family are happy for the cow to come into the house whenever she wants

"She looked different from the others. I realised that she wasn't gaining height like other cows of the same breed," said Balakrishnan.

A five-member Guinness World Record team visited the village to verify the record

"She is a special creature. Manikyam is like a family member now. She is very important and responds when you call her name." 

Cute cow: The creature is the world's smallest despite having no deformities

Balakrishnan and his family contacted Guinness World Records when a veterinary surgeon told them that the cow was unusually short despite having no deformities.

Record-holder: NV Balakrishnan displays the Guinness World Record certificate
Walkies: The cow is treated like a pet in the home

Manikyam was declared the world’s shortest cow last year - smashing the previous record of 69.07 centimetres - and a five-member Guinness World Record team visited the village to verify the record. 

Balakrishnan said: "I got this cow five years ago. It was right then that I felt it’s uniqueness. I reared it with special care.  

"But it was only two year back that I realised it was the world’s smallest cow." 

Despite feeding her and raising her exactly like the other animals, her growth stalled

Manikyam, of the indigenous Indian ‘Vechur’ breed, is raised on Balakrishnan’s farm with 40 other cows - but the family are happy for her to come into the house whenever she wants. 

The local residents love the attention that Manikyam has brought to the village - and she has become something of a talking point. 

The small cow is no bigger than an average labrador

Akshay, Balakrishnan's son, said: "In the olden days, people used to avoid Manikyam when she roamed around the village but now people are busy taking photographs with her."

One of the family: Manikyam even responds to the call of her name

Dayanand Kumar, a local villager, added: "We treat cows as a form of God. It is a divine blessing to see such a cute cow. I have never seen such cute shortest cow before."

In Hinduism, the cow is seen as a sacred animal and the slaughter of cattle is banned

And Manikyam holds a special place in Balakrishnan’s family too.

He said: "This cow is like a family member. With us at all times. It is a very important and very intelligent cow. She comes when you call."

With all the attention on Manikyam, Balakrishnan is now planning to raise awareness about protection of rural breeds of cows. 

"What I intend to do through this is to protect rural breeds of cows that are facing extinction. To use these benefits to set up a facility for their conservation," he said.