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A LONG-LIMBED mother-of-two is challenging the current Guinness world record holder to claim the title of the world’s longest legs

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Caroline's legs are so tall that buying clothes to fit is almost impossible

Caroline Arthur, a former model who lives in Melbourne, has legs that measure a whopping 51.5 inches from hip to heel.

The 39-year-old said: “I believe that they are definitely the longest in Australia and, as far as I know, in America too.

“The lady in the Guinness Book of World Records (Russia’s Svetlana Pankratova) has legs that are 51.9 inches long so it’s quite close.

“Because it’s so close I think it is worth contacting them and finding out exactly where they measure from and getting an official, accurate measurement done.”

Dermotherapist Caroline is 6ft 2in tall - meaning her legs account for around 69 per cent of her frame.

Caroline has always struggled to find clothes that fit her long slim physique and is the subject of stares and astonished glances whenever she is out in public.

Caroline's entire family are tall
The ex-model gets stares and attention wherever she goes

“Mostly, I enjoy it,” said Caroline.

“My friends always have to be a bit prepared when they venture out with me because people do stare – especially if I’m dressed up in heels.

“I just know by now that if I’m going out with people in the evening, I’m going to get a lot of attention so I am sort of used to it.

“I have had a few people say nasty things but mostly it’s great and people are really nice”.

But body positive Caroline has not always been so confident in her appearance – she recalls being a self-conscious teenager who wanted to dress in ways that would disguise her height.

She explained: “I definitely didn’t embrace my height and there was a real period where I didn’t feel beautiful or attractive at all.

Caroline thinks her legs are the longest in Australia
Caroline is going to contact the Guinness Book of World Records

“I just wanted to be the same as everyone else.

“I started modeling when I was around 15 and that gave me confidence.

“My legs featured in a lot of stocking commercials and things but I was also rejected from a lot of jobs because of my height.

“I was told that I’m too tall for Australian beauty standards and couldn’t model clothes because they just wouldn’t fit me.

“So as much as I did get work because of my long legs, I also got knocked back for the same reason.”

At the height of her modeling career, Caroline won herself a famous fan in Beatle George Harrison.

Standing at 6ft2, Caroline's 51.5 inch legs account for 69 per cent of her physique

“I was modeling at the Melbourne Grand Prix and he was there.

“Apparently, he was really amazed by the length of my legs and asked to meet me.

“I didn’t even realise who he was but I talked to him and we even danced together.

“Someone eventually told me who he was and I couldn’t believe it. I remember going home and telling my mum and dad and they were like, ‘How many people get that opportunity? And it’s all because of your long legs!’”

Caroline does seem to have passed her impressive height on to her two children, 13-year-old Cooper, who is already 6ft 2in and ‘midget’ of the family, Zoe, who at 15 stands at 5ft 9in.

Caroline's son, Cooper, is already as tall as her at 13-years-old
Husband Carmeron says he never had a thing for tall women - just a thing for Caroline

Caroline’s mother, Janet Ware, however, is only 5ft 2in.

“She was always taller than all of her friends,” Janet said.

“When she was young she was shy and kind of ashamed of being so tall.

“I was pleased when she started modeling because it helped her to stand tall and not be stooped or trying to hide her height.

“I am so proud of her. She carries herself so well, is a lovely person, a great mother and a wonderful daughter.

“When I think that she might have the longest legs in the world, I feel incredibly proud.

As a model, Caroline was a popular choice for stocking commercials

“She is so striking. I love going out with her. I often walk a few paces behind because I love seeing the reactions on people’s faces as she walks by!”

Caroline, who is married to builder, Cameron, says her mother-in-law makes her clothes for her and that her husband thoughtfully designed their house to have 10 ft ceilings and extra-high kitchen worktops to accommodate his super-sized family.

Cameron said: “Caroline and I are about the same height but when we stand next to each other, her hip is much higher than mine.

“Being married to her is definitely good for my posture because I have to stand up straight.

“I think her legs most definitely are the longest in Australia – I can’t imagine any longer.

But she didn't get her height from her mother!
Caroline says she is now more comfortable with her appearance than ever before

“She was working in a shop when we first met and I’d go in and see her. I never really had a thing for tall women; I just had a thing for Caroline.”

Caroline’s children say they are both excited by the prospect of seeing their mother in the Guinness World Records.

Zoe said: “Mom looks like a giant. She’s like a human skyscraper. When we are out she towers above everybody else.

“I think that Mom looks really beautiful and I really aspire to look like her.”

Whether she’s awarded the title or not, Caroline says she is finally proud of who she is and how she looks.

“I can honestly say now, as a 39-year-old woman, I’m the most secure in my own skin that I have ever been. I feel more beautiful than I ever have in my life.

“It takes time, and you go through stages, but now I definitely see my legs as a positive thing.”