By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

THE WORLD'S most flexible woman has revealed a new series of risqué, eye-popping poses for her 2016 calendar

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Lady in red: Zlata kisses her calf in a flexible pose
Zlata poses provocatively nude in white sheets

Russian-born former gymnast Zlata wore leather, lingerie, and even posed naked as she contorted her body into a mind-bending array of shapes.

Zlata was quite literally prepared to bend over backwards to make the shoot a success - which she demonstrated by leaning so far back that she was able to peer through her own legs.

What are you looking at? Zlata bends her back and raises her legs over her head
The clever contortionist manages to fit her head between her legs in a bizarre pose

In another image she squats down just inches from the ground, with one leg on the floor and the other wrapped around the back of her neck.

For 29-year-old Zlata, bending into these incredible shapes wasn't just business as usual - creating the calendar also helped her deal with her recent marriage split.

Zlata recently separated from her husband...
...and celebrates her split with the splits in the calendar

She said: "After this year's separation from my husband, I wanted to emphasise my charms in the new calendar. 

"That was the idea for my new calendar."

Zlata has a Guinness World Record for her talents
Some of her poses are beyond comprehension

The bendy Russian's gift of flexibility was discovered when she was four years old and by six she was training as a contortionist at a circus school.

In 2011 she set the Guinness World Record for the most beer bottles opened in a minute using only your feet.

Zlata bent over backwards to make the calendar a success
She marked her split with her husband with the calendar

Four years earlier she had set the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to burst three balloons using only your back.

Zlata achieved this incredible feat in 12 seconds.

Zlata poses in a variety of eye-catching costumes in the pictures
Including tight latex and a whip

The title of her 2016 calendar is 'Beauty Embodied in Flexibility.'